G Spot Orgasm – The Powerful Secret To Make Her Squirt in Pleasure!

Posted on 25th September 2012 in G Spot Orgasm

G spot orgasmEjaculate?!! Really..??!

Do women really ejaculate or squirt?! Does this G spot orgasm really exist?!

The answer is… OHHH HELL YES! :)

They can squirt and ejaculate pretty hard… They just need to be stimulated and taken to that level to sexual ecstasy!

This is when you are able to give her the most intense and deep full-body orgasms, so intense that makes a woman’s body shake and squirt with extreme sexual ecstasy!

That is G Spot Orgasm.

Still in doubt?!?! Check out this video on The Oprah Winfrey show below…

So now that you know that your lady can actually ejaculate or squirt in pleasure (and which is NOT ‘peeing’ as many thinks), let see how can such amazing heights of pleasure be achieved by a woman.

But before we reveal to you this magical secret of G spot orgasm, you first need to know her body well.

You need to know some more about this secret orgasmic trigger called the G-spot and how to stimulate it properly to give your lady those pleasurable experiences of sexual heights.

But 1st, What is the G-Spot?!

This was one of the most controversial topics in the 1950’s, as for years the disagreement persisted over its existence. It’s the clitoris that was considered to be the only the main part that triggered the female orgasim.

This erotic pleasure spot called the G-Spot was first discovered by a German Gynecologist named Ernst Gräfenberg. It’s actually the “Gräfenberg Spot”, that we all know as the famous G-spot.

G-Spot is actually a bean-shaped, spongy tissue of the paraurethral gland, similar to the male prostate gland. It is located 2-3 inches up on the front anterior wall of the vagina (the side of the stomach, not the butt). Its composed of erectile tissues (the same stuff that makes up the man’s penis), because of which it swells up when blood rushes into it (it happens when a woman is nearing her climax and is about to have her orgasm).

Now, How to locate her G-spot, the epicenter for her G spot orgasm?!

Before you read about how to locate it, you need to know few important things to actually have your lady go wild and crazy with you G spot orgasm tricks & techniques.…

Evan before you think of going down on her, make sure you have turned her on pretty good and got her ready to go further in to the main act!

The vagina and all its associated parts like the clitoris or the G-spot are the areas with thousands of nerve ending in a very concentrated form, thus making them ultra sensitive to every touch you put on them. For these to be ready for any type of  external stimulation, the woman should be in that highly excited mode. With her sex hormones rushing through her veins in full swing, this sensitive areas becomes plenty wet and gets very well lubricated to make the whole experience pleasurable for her. If it’s not, the dry friction of your fingers can make it really uncomfortable or painful for your woman.

The key here is to have enough of good foreplay in your game, that you executive before you go down on her. You have to spend some good time in the foreplay and get her really into that sexually heightened mood. You have to warm her up. Woman needs time and care to get into the mood; she has to be physically, mentally and emotionally relaxed and be comfortable with you, before you can give her that coveted G spot orgasm.G spot orgasm

Before you touch her vagina which is one of her most highly erotic zones, you have to explore and play along with her other sensuous zones of her body. Fondle her affectionately and pamper her with your passionate love. Women are more of an emotional creature and thus any emotional connection from your side will accelerate the whole process of sexual pleasure by many folds.

You need to start with the most powerful part of a human body, her mind, by stimulating it with your warm passion and love. Once you get her mind on the right track, the rest will follow.

Only when you see that she is getting well into that grove and is willing to go further in to the act, you can take the next higher steps.

Build that anticipation with her with that foreplay of teasing and pleasing. Try to build that anticipation to a level where she cannot hold the tension anymore and begs you to go further and harder into the act, in order to release her off it.

Now that she is aroused and wet enough down her, its time you move on to her main hot points…which is her vagina…..!

Before you get started with the stimulation of the magical G-spot with your fingers to give her the G spot orgasm, give her a good oral stimulation by using your tongue on her clitoris. Keep your tongue right on her clitoris and flicker it gently. Be gentle at first and harden up as she gets mote into it.

You always need to remember that you need to keep a good ear and good eye on her body. You have to be receptive and reactive enough to listen to her body, which says it all.

And when you see that she is closing her climax, you can get started with your G-spot magic tricks that you are going to learn here, to give her the most amazing and earth-shattering G spot orgasm she has always dream of.

To start with, face you partner as she is lying on her back. Insert your lubricated index finger gently into her vagina up your 1st or 2nd knuckle, with your palm facing up. Feel with your finger for a bit bumpy or spongy patch on the upper wall of her vagina. While the rest of the inside of her vagina will be very smooth, you will be able to distinguish an uneven and bit rough area on the upper wall. That is her magical G-spot.

You will always find it easier to spot it, when your woman is sexually aroused and is stimulated enough, as it tends to bulge up with her excitement.

Now that you have your finger right on her magic spot…….

How to stimulate it to trigger that ultimate mind-blowing G-spot orgasm?!

G spot orgasmStart moving your index finger in a “come hither” motion. It’s when your finger is being straight and then your curl it up, pulling it towards your palm and putting some good pressure on ther G-spot with your finger tip, as you recoil it back (make sure your finger nails are nicely trimmed or you may injure her). Repeat this fingering action with slower and gentler strokes at the beginning. As you see your lady enjoying the act, gradually work your way up with faster and harder strokes with your finger.

Keep an attentive watch on her body language. You will know if she the enjoying the process or not. If you feel she is pushing you away off her, or she is not getting along with the flow of the act, then you may be causing her pain by doing something wrong with your placement or your technique. Make sure you keep those communication lines between you two open at all levels. Ask her if she is enjoying the process. Let her guide you and all your moves, by telling you what she like the most and what not. It will always keep you on the right track.

As you go further with the act, and make it harder and faster, you will need to put enough pressure on her G-spot to achieve the desired result. You should neither be too soft, nor too hard. You may have to do & practice it few times to get it perfected and to fully understand the exact rhythm of your partner’s body.

While you carry on with the fingering, you can add up to it by using your tongue simultaneously to stimulate her clitoris. Done right, this lethal combination will just blow her mind away.

The Climax of a G spot orgasm – Shaking and Squirting with extreme pleasure!

With this deadly blend of G-spot and clitoral stimulation, she will soon start quivering & moaning with extreme ecstasy!

As and when she is about to explode, you will feel her G-spot swell up like a balloon. She may have a strong feeling like she has to pee, so strong that that is when she will blow it all up and have a squirting full-body G-spot orgasm. When she climaxes, her vagina will contact hard with multiple jerks and clump down on your finger. You should continue with your stimulating act, with the same pressure and speed, till she has her full and final explosive gush of her intense G spot orgasm!

That’s it! With these powerful tricks and techniques to give your woman the G spot orgasm that we just revealed to you, you can give your woman the most intense and mind blowing orgasms that will literally make her convulse uncontrollably with ecstasy.

Have patience with your practice and you will become the master of it!

If you want to take your skills on the G spot orgasm to the next higher level, check out the video below that gives you with the most detailed step-by-step discourse on how to give your woman that G spot orgasm each and every time without a miss…

G Spot Video

Believe us!! Once you master this art of giving your woman the G-Spot orgasm, she will just beg you for more as she can’t have enough of the sexual bliss…. You will become her new found addiction! ;)


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  1. wagiman February 15, 2013 at 3:36 pm - Reply

    Hi there, I need to know needly on how to make a my wife come…. with pleasure.

    • admin April 5, 2013 at 2:37 am - Reply

      That’s great that you really want to pleasure your lady. That willingness is of course the very first step toward a healthy sexual relationship.

      First, do make sure you read the article below in here.
      This will give you ample information and tips on how to make your woman come.

      2nd, the most important tip that I can give you is that…learn to listen to her body patiently. Becoz when you listen to her body and its actions & reactions, you will know what she likes and what she doesn’t. If needed, even talk to her and ask her, how and what she loves and give that all to her.
      Do not rush things. Just take them slow and follow the techniques I have laid down in this articles.

      Hope that helps you to take your woman to the ultimate heights of sexual pleasure.

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